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All Natural ~ Farmstead Fresh Cheese and Milk!

Have you tried our variety of cheeses or milk? If not you are missing out on the best dairy products on the western slope of Colorado. There is no comparison to the "grocery" store products.

Once you taste ours you will never go back!

We are only a short drive to Olathe from any direction on the western slope. Come visit us at our farm store where we produce our delicious cheese and milk, and experience an actual dairy farm!

We are proud to support our local community!

Indulge in Artisanal Excellence: Where Cheese Transcends Tradition

Welcome to Rocking W Cheese, where we redefine the essence of cheese. Our passion lies in crafting artisanal cheese, each batch a testament to our dedication to quality and flavor. While dairy may be the foundation, our focus transcends mere milk. We're more than producers; we're cultivators of community, supporting local farms and artisans. Every purchase not only indulges your palate but also nurtures the very fabric of our community. Explore our selection and taste the difference of true artisanal craftsmanship

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Why choose Rocking W Cheese?

There are several reasons why Olathe, CO area residents trust our local dairy farm.

  • We have over 58 years of experience
  • We're the only artisan cheese plant in the Colorado Western Slope
  • We offer affordable prices and a milk discount punch card
  • We provide excellent customer service