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$ 5.30

Using our natural cow's milk it has a flavor reminiscent to Parmesan but is a bit nuttier and creamier. Grate some Asiago and add it to different dishes and recipes like bread, pasta, risotto, salads.

Baby Swiss
$ 5.30

A fine textured cheese providing a somewhat buttery and slightly nutty flavor. It is an excellent cheese for snacks, appetizers, sandwiches and quiche.

$ 5.30

This cheese is the sharpest cheddar we produce, with just a hint of blueberries. This is an exceptional cheese with a special little bite to please the pallet. It is a perfect selection to any charcuterie board, or just as delicious made into a toasted cheese or as a snack.

Chipotle Jack
$ 5.30

This Jack cheese is made with roasted chipotle peppers that have been added creating a very smooth roasted pepper tasting cheese. Chipotle has a smoky, earthy flavor that is very palatable, used in main dishes, sauces, marinades or to make any dish stand out.

Cucumber Dill
$ 5.30

This refreshing farmstead fresh cheese tastes like eating a really mild cucumber salad. We add fresh cucumbers and a splash of dill for a garden flavor. Cool down on a hot summer day with this light refreshing cheese!

$ 5.30

This is a simple old fashioned soft cheese which consists of milk and then cured in a salt brine. The farmers cheese is made by pressing most of the moisture from cut curds and then forming it into a roll. It has a mild creamy and slightly tangy taste.

Garlic Chive Jack
$ 5.30

Our artisan Jack cheese, that we add all natural garlic and chives to embolden this cheese and give it a lively but mild flavor, perfect for snacking with crackers or is great in cooking a variety of dishes. This cheese is unique and flavorsome.

Garlic Habanero
$ 5.30

We take our Habanero Jack, add some garlic to help take the "bite" out of the habanero heat. A truly mouthwatering cheese. This variety is excellent for toasted cheese, hors d'oeuvres or great for just snacking.

$ 5.30

Our artisan version is a delicious soft and natural cheese with a sweet buttery texture. Great for any occasion!

Green Chili
$ 5.30

We took our basic jack, added some Anaheim green chilis for a mouth watering delight! Green Chile peppers are tangy, sharp, and pungent with an earthy flavor. Add a touch of flair to your meat, stuff into burritos, fry into rellenos, make a toasted cheese or a great snack with crackers.

Habanero Jack
$ 5.30

This farmstead fresh cheese packs some serious heat! A delicious Jack with spicy habanero peppers throughout. This cheese is popular and has many culinary uses from hors d'oeuvres to accentuating main courses. This HOT cheese will wake up your taste buds.

Horseradish Cheddar
$ 5.30

Our soft and creamy old world delight has a little bite of horseradish that will be unforgettable and enhances beef, pickles, shellfish, seafood, and vegetables.

Jalapeno Jack
$ 5.30

Our artisan Jalapeno cheese uses whole fresh jalapenos that we chop up and add to the batch at just the right moment. The fresh jalapenos do not have much heat as they are cooked down in the process. This cheese has a savory bite and is quite complimentary for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, or put this on a grilled burger for a unique taste!

Monterey Jack
$ 5.30

This American classic was created and named for Monterey, Alta California by businessman David Jacks. Our version of this classic cheese should be in every persons cheese arsenal as it is so versatile.

$ 5.30

The traditional Mozzarella. This is a semi-soft stretched white cheese. Mozzarella is used for most types of pizza and several pasta dishes or served with sliced tomatoes and basil in Caprese salad.

$ 5.30

This artisan cheese is a mild buttery flavor that gets stronger and tangier with age. It is mild in taste with a smooth soft texture and an orange rind. The cheese is made from our all natural fresh cow's milk and will compliment any foods or drinks to be served.

Pepper Jack
$ 5.30

One of our all time favorites! Start with the basic Jack cheese and add the sweet and spicy assortment of peppers such as habanero, jalapenos, a touch of ghost pepper, some garlic and you get a semi soft cheese full of spicy flavor!

Portobello Leek Jack
$ 5.30

This earthy flavor cheese starts with a base of Jack, and then we add fresh Portobello mushrooms and leeks to this semi-soft cheese. This cheese is delicious on its own or can work well in a soup, sandwich or meat dish.

$ 5.30

This semi-soft creamy, mild cheese is one of our more versatile cheeses. It works great for Nachos, pizzas, burgers and of course quesadillas.

Raspberry Jalapeno
$ 5.30

Take our savory Jalapeno Jack and mix in a few raspberries and this becomes another mouth watering delight! A very unique taste of sweet and spice. A perfect pairing for any cracker or snack!

Salsa Jack
$ 5.30

An absolute must for any Mexican dish! This is a tasty combination of traditional salsa ingredients like tomato, onion, chives, and jalapeños. A delightful taste of zest that will wake your taste buds up. Has a little heat but does not overwhelm the dish.

Smoked White Cheddar
$ 5.30

Taking a step up we take our essential White Cheddar then we add a smoke flavor which adds an extra dimension of flavor for all of your favorite foods.

Rocky Mountain Sunset Cheddar (our signature cheese)
$ 5.30

This is our signature cheese. It is a four (4) cheddar cheese. We created this cheese to resemble a Western Colorado Sunset.

Smoked Ghost Pepper
$ 5.30

Seriously, all by itself, this cheese is dangerously hot! Starting with a Jack cheese, ghost pepper flakes are blended in then we add a natural liquid smoke flavor to delight all who seek the heat. The ghost pepper is up to six times as hot as a habanero!

Smoked Gouda
$ 5.30

A smoky flavored version of the original Gouda. This cheese pairs well with fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate.

Tomato Basil
$ 5.30

We start with our basic Jack cheese then we add sun dried tomatoes and add fresh basil. These two compliment the flavor and is a very palatable taste experience. This cheese is zesty yet mild.

White Cheddar
$ 5.30

White Cheddar is made just the same as yellow cheddar without adding the coloring.

Yellow Cheddar
$ 5.30

Cheddar cheese is one of our more popular cheeses. The process in making this product is not complicated, but every step must be conducted at the right moment to achieve the typical characteristics of cheddar. This artisan cheese has more of a medium taste.

Cheese Curds
$ 5.30

We take our Rocky Mountain Sunset Cheddar in its natural, random shape and form before being processed into blocks. Curds have a mild taste with a slightly rubbery texture and should squeak when eaten. A delightful snack! Also try warming them in your microwave for a few seconds to enjoy a heartwarming squeaky experience

Small Gift Box

Pick your 4! Our cow print gift box will delight any recipient with an assortment of four (4) different varieties of our Artisan Cheese and a Cheese Curd in the middle.

Large Gift Box

Pick your 6! Our cow print gift box will delight any recipient with an assortment of six (6) different varieties of our Artisan Cheese.

Here are some of the benefits of buying local cheese

There are many reasons why you should consider switching from mass-produced, store-bought cheese to local artisan cheese. For instance, choosing a local option for cheese will:

  • Help support and sustain the local economy
  • Ensure that your products are fresh
  • Reduce the chances that your food is unsafe

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